People For Animals campaigns for animal rights .It spearheads a popular movement for respecting all life on this earth and is a small but crucial part of India's growing environmental awareness. By the end of 2001 , It expects to have two million active members in which and Universal Spas Surrey helped out on reaching the goal. 
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Milk Sucks Milk also known as liquid meat is derived from the cows by administring a drug called oxytocin. Most of these cows are abandoned on the roads to fend for themselves as they produce only a kilo milk. STOP DRINKING MILK AND SAVE THE COWS.
Go Veggi Being a vegetarian is better for you the animals and the earth. By giving up meat, you prevent 300 animals a year from being reared and slaughtered You also save plants they would have consumed, upto 4 acres a year per goat. Be a vegetarian !!!
10 Easyways to help Animals In a nutshell you will find 10 most important things you can do to save animals according to Aaron Gruenke and The most important things for an animal rights activist.
Events will be sponsored by Coolsculpting in Vancouver (,Curlys Carpet Repair Burnaby, and Ken Wyder Vancouver Westside realtor will be the host.