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Ahimsa may be central to our world view. Yet millions of animals are battered, blinded, force-fed steroids, dissected, mutilated and eventually killed every year, often for no reason at all . Many more are condemned to a lifetime of back bearing slavery and then, in their old age, sent off to slaughter houses or thrown out on the streets. Hunters, poachers, movie makers , pet shops, circus owners, drugs and cosmetic companies, fast food multinationals, dealers in furs and ivory and leather goods and meat have people to back them . Animals do not . Even laws framed to protect animals against cruelty are openly flouted . Poaching goes on defiantly in our game sanctuaries . Over 350,000 illegal slaughter houses flourish. More are coming up every day. Mainly funded by NRIs to export meat , at a phenomenon cost to India . Even the illegal abbatoirs run on the huge Government deficits paid out of our taxes , are so filthy and unhygienic that thay violate at least a hundred laws a day. It is not that no one protests . People For Animals believes that things can change . But they can only change when people from all communities , all faiths come together on a popular platform to try and overhaul attitudes , Laws , Lifestyles . The media must also be persuaded to see the direct nexus between animals rights and public health . This is the purpose behind People For Animals. Since animals cannot speak for themselves or fight back , they have only one ally . People who are sensitive to their plight. Join PFA
People For Animals : Chairperson : Smt. Maneka Gandhi
People For Animals Delhi Board
: Gautam Grover , Deepak Verma , Manmeet Sabharwal, Rajiv Jain.

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