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Heads & Tails

This is a cult book, it is a selection from the columns by Maneka Gandhi which reach 10 million readers through a huge network of newspapers and magazines in India. It is also telecast on Doordarshan 1 and 2, reaching 400 million people.

It is a practical book that makes Ahimsa the key to a new world. By suggesting simple ways to combat exploitation and cruelty towards animals. It recommends in the process, a more humane and sustaining lifestyle. A major part of the 2nd volume is dedicated to telling the story of the battles against the Idgah slaughter house in Delhi, the Deonar slaughter house in Mumbai and the Al Kabeer slaughter house in Andhra Pradesh. She presents a new set of persuasive arguments to promote vegetarianism among those still sitting on the fence. She documents the hazards of eating non-vegetarian food.

What To Do When You See Cruelty
This book contains laws about animals and frequently asked questions and what to do when you see cruelty on animals.
First - Aid For Animals

What do you do when you see an injured animal?

Most people pass by an accident victim even though they would like to help, simply because they have no idea what to do. Others panic and use methods and medicines that are wholly unsuitable. Nor can 'One rel blindly on vets. There are too few of them and even fewer who know about emergency procedures. As a result, injured animals in need of just simple life-saving treatment, die slow, agonising deaths. This book is for those people who appreciate the value of life. It is for those people who will use the power and knowledge they have been gifted as human beings, to come to the rescue of species less fortunate than themselves. A ready reckoner for all emergency situations, keep it handy. This book could mean the difference between life and death for an animal.
Gautam Grover is an animal rights activist who has been taking in and treating stray and injured animals since the age of ten. An alumnus of St. Columba's School, he is also a member of People For Animals and Kare (Mndness to Animals and Respect for Environment). Currently, he's studying computers and French.
Maneka Gandhi is a leading exponent of animal care. The founder chairperson of India's largest animal welfare Organisation, People For Animals, she is the fount of all animal activism in the country. She is also the chairperson of the Delhi SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and managing trustee of the Ruth Cowell Foundation that runs the country's largest shelter and gaushala.
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Natural Way to your Dog�s Health
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